Top 5 Window Styles to Consider for Your New Home

The excitement that comes with building a new home may overshadow one important part of it. The windows of course!

Windows add style and flair to your home, but their function is what many homeowners truly look for. With many windows, you can get the best of both worlds.

But with so many window styles out there, how do you choose the right one for your new home? In this guide, we’ll explore 5 different types of windows that you can have installed.

1. Double-Hung Windows

This is one type of window that you’ve probably seen before. It’s one of the most popular types for homeowners to go with.

The double-hung window is a variation of a single-hung window. The single-hung window has just one sash that moves, while the double-hung boasts two of them.

The sashes help provide great ventilation as both ends of the window can open up.

This style doesn’t take up much space when open. This is because the sashes move up and down rather than in or out.

For a practical and stylish look, double-hung windows can’t be beaten.

2. Picture Window

One of the most simplistic house windows that you can get is the picture window. Despite being inoperable, this style is gorgeous in the right setting.

Once installed, the picture window doesn’t open. It’s simply there to let in the light and allow you to take in the view.

The upside is that this style is typically cheaper than other styles.

If your new home will have a beautiful view, a picture window will be sure to add to it.

3. Casement Windows

Casement windows are another functional type of window.

They act similar to a door with the sash swinging outward from your home. When you want to open it, you can simply turn the crank and push it open.

It’s a popular choice for homeowners who want a modern window with maximum function in their home. Being so stylish and easy to use, it can add that extra touch to your new home.

4. Bow/Bay Windows

Bow and Bay windows are similar but do have their subtle differences.

These windows can be installed where there are curves around the house. They can add a beautiful touch to these areas.

Bow windows are made of up to five windows, meaning that they’re best for places where you want to bring more light in. Bay windows are smaller with just three window panels. The great thing about this type is that they can add a little extra interior space to your home.

It’s a great choice for traditional homes or those with unconventional curves.

5. Skylights

Among some of the most interesting windows on this list are skylights. They’re beautiful openings in the roof where a window is installed. They’re great for bringing in natural light during the day.

Many homeowners may be reluctant to install this style for fear that they may not be able to block out light. The good news is that blinds can be installed for skylights.

In fact, some skylights can also act as casement windows, allowing air to enter your home as well.

If you want a light source that stands out, this might be the style for you.

Let the Light in Your New Home With These Window Styles

Choosing the right window styles for your home is an important step. With these 5 options from our window buying guide, you’re set to choose the one that’s right for you.

At Rock Ridge Homes, we can help you build your perfect dream home.

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