Floor and Decor 101: The Importance of Quality Flooring in a New Home

When you want to make alterations to your home, look no further than your flooring choices. The home flooring industry is about a $370 billion market today.

Making the right floor and decor decisions will bolster your household more than you know.

Read on so that you can learn more about the importance of flooring in your home.

Quality Flooring Adds Value to Your Property

You’ll not only love the way that new floors look — you’ll also appreciate the return on investment (ROI) that you get from them.

Some 90 percent of realtors state that adding wood floors to your property makes it more likely to sell. Wood floors are a classy upgrade that will also last several years.

Sprucing up your bathrooms with some amazing tile can also serve as a renovation that makes your property more valuable.

It Can Have Effects on Your Health

The type of flooring that you choose also directly affects your health and well-being.

Each flooring type has its own inherent risks and cleaning obligations. One of the downfalls of carpet is that it traps different kinds of bacteria, allergens, dander, and dust mites that can affect your respiratory system for the worst.

You may also choose certain flooring types that are hypoallergenic, particularly if you have pets or health concerns.

You’ll Need to Choose the Safest Kind of Flooring For Your Rooms

Flooring decisions also go hand in hand with your safety and energy prevention.

This can’t be overstated since some 50 percent of home fatalities take place due to flooring slips and falls on even ground. As such, you’ll need to consider the safety needs of your household when choosing your flooring.

Make sure that you choose a flooring type that isn’t too slick and that doesn’t create unnecessary hazards.

Floors Add Decorative and Aesthetic Quality to Your Household

Of course, floors are a great decorative tool for your household. When you choose flooring that is pleasing to the eye it’ll improve your mood and you’ll love your living space.

You can work with professionals that can help you choose the best flooring layouts for your house in order to get quality end results. For instance, you may want one type of flooring in your master bedroom and another in your kitchen or bathrooms.

The flooring is the icing on the cake when it comes to the aesthetic quality you will receive in your house.

Shop For the Best Floor and Decor

There are several floor and decor options that you can look into. When you understand exactly how important these decisions are, you can then touch base with flooring contractors that can serve you.

At Rock Ridge Homes, we focus on nothing but elegance and value with all of our properties. Whether this is your first home or a fixer-upper that you’re trying to flip, you should see examples of existing properties first.

We would love to show you around.

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