10 Unique Home Features to Add to a Custom Home

By December 13, 2022 Company Blog

If you’re thinking about building a custom home, you might be interested to know that almost 20% of all new homes built are custom-made. Some people think that building a custom home is a lavish expenditure, but the truth is that many people choose to go this route.

Once you’ve decided to build a custom home, you can start thinking about home features that you want to have in your house. Building a custom home might be one of the few times in your life when you get to pick the exact features you want in your living space.

Whether you’ve always dreamed of a gorgeous patio or a huge walk-in pantry, custom features will make your home feel uniquely yours.

So, which features should you consider adding to your custom home? In the article below, you’ll find a list of some of the more unique custom home features you might want to consider. Continue reading the article below to learn more about these exciting custom home features.

1. A Mudroom

It’s hard to feel comfortable in your home when you’re always looking at shoes and jackets strewn about the house. Unfortunately, those things always seem to make their way into the home.

One way to solve this issue is to add a mudroom. A mudroom is a small room just inside the entrances or entrances to your home. Some people choose to have them at the side door or back door.

The mudroom can contain storage and mats to keep the shoes and jackets held near the entrance.

2. A Dedicated Laundry Room

If you’ve ever lived in an apartment that doesn’t have in-unit laundry, you know the pain of having to go to a dimly lit basement to do laundry. Don’t let that be the case in your custom home.

Adding a purpose-built laundry room will make it easy to find the motivation to do laundry each week.

3. A Window Nook

Whether you live in a sunny city or one that experiences a lot of snow, a window nook can help you enjoy the outdoors from inside your home. You can design a window nook with a comfortable, padded bench.

It will make for the perfect place to curl up with a book or a good podcast. Plus, your pets will likely love the window nook.

4. A Kettle Faucet

Anybody who does a lot of cooking will appreciate having a kettle faucet. This is a faucet that sits on the wall above your stovetop.

You can use it to fill up pots when you’re boiling water, and you won’t have to carry a pot back and forth between the stove and sink.

5. Built-In Shelving

Whether you’re a book-lover, a collector, or a plant person, built-in shelving can help you display your prized possessions. You can use built-in shelving as a living room feature, a place for holding dishware in your dining room, or a convenient bedroom feature.

Built-in shelving can be simple and practical or intricate and beautiful. Be sure to ask your home designer for some shelving inspiration.

6. A Walk-In Pantry

Designing your own home means being able to get as organized as you want. Don’t set yourself up for a lifetime of having to dig through dark cupboards for snacks.

Instead, add a walk-in pantry to your kitchen so you can organize snacks and dry goods in a way that makes sense for your busy life.

7. Add Skylights

Adding a skylight to your home will provide you with direct sunlight during the middle of the afternoon. Natural light lovers will appreciate having light shine down into their homes from above.

You can keep things simple with one skylight, or add a row of skylights to an area like your second-floor landing or entryway.

8. Modern Outlets

Now that you’re thinking about moving into a custom home, you can finally have all the electronics that you’ve always wanted. Most people think about adding built-in speakers or smart home features, but don’t forget about the wall outlets.

Consider adding USB outlets to your wall outlets to make it easy for you to charge your phone in seconds. Remember to also think about all the rooms and walls in which you’ll most want easy access to outlets.

9. An Outdoor Firepit

Some of the best features of your custom home might end up being located outside the home. An outdoor firepit, for example, can provide you and your loved ones with a warm place to hang out outdoors.

You can also add a patio around the fire pit, built-in seating, or even an outdoor grill. These outdoor features will turn your home into a prime spot for hosting dinners and other get-togethers.

10. Under-Cabinet Lights

The last item on this list is another small feature that many people overlook. Under-cabinet lights can provide you with subtle lighting.

If you come to the kitchen late at night or early in the morning, you won’t have to turn on bright lights to see your way around.

Reviewing the Top 10 Unique Custom Home Features

Now that you’re familiar with some of the custom home features that can make your home unique, you’re ready to build your custom home. Be sure to plan out your wants and needs ahead of time, then meet with an experienced home builder to talk through your options.

When you’re ready to move forward, go ahead and get in touch with the experts at Rock Ridge Homes.

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