These Are the Best Lighting Options for a New Home

Building a custom home is exciting. There are many benefits of building a custom home rather than buying one on the market.

You’re probably thinking about the location and size of your new home, but are you thinking about your lighting options?

Besides being able to see where you’re going, lighting factors into design and even your health. Proper lighting is beneficial for your budget, health, and home aesthetic.

If you’re planning on moving into a new home but don’t know what to plan for the lighting, don’t worry. Keep reading to learn the best lighting ideas for a new house.

Types of Lighting

There are three types of in-home lighting: ambient, accent, and task. Good home lighting plans use multiple types of lighting together. The best lighting plans use all three types together.


Ambient lighting is general lighting. Ambient lighting provides consistent light for a room. When you flip on a switch to light an entire room, you turn on ambient light.

Ambient light can come from ceiling lamps, floor lamps, or wall sconces.


Accent lighting focuses light onto one specific area or object. It is common to focus accent light on indoor plants, artwork, musical instruments, or bookcases. It can also highlight certain landscaping features outdoors.

Plan your ambient lighting first, and then accent lighting. Once you have an idea of your floor plan, you will be better equipped to plan your accent features.


Task lighting illuminates objects that have a function. Task lighting is commonly seen above kitchen counters or stoves. It can also illuminate home office desks or reading corners.

As with accent lighting, plan the ambient light for a room before planning the task lighting.

What Are the Best Lighting Options for Each Room?

There are endless possibilities for in-home lighting options. Different environments are influenced by warm, cool, or bright light.

These are your best options for your kitchen, living room, and bathroom.


Take advantage of natural light in your kitchen. If possible, plan your sink by a window when designing your home.

Ambient light in a kitchen can be achieved with a ceiling-mounted light. Play with wall-mounted ambient light to reflect light upwards instead of straight down. Using dimmer lights is a great idea for those sleepy mornings.

Utilize plenty of task lighting in the areas you work in most. This includes task lighting underneath cabinets.

Living Room

Living rooms are the best rooms to layer all 3 types of lighting. Accomplish your ambient lighting with light that bounces off the ceiling and walls. For this, try cove lighting, wall sconces, or floor lamps.

Add task lighting in the form of table lamps for reading nooks. Track lighting is a great accent light option. Track lighting can accent artwork or even an entertainment center. Wall sconces can also accomplish beautiful accent lighting.


As the go-to room for grooming, bright light is a must in bathrooms. Your best option is to light either side of the mirror rather than opt for a ceiling light. Overhead lighting fixtures will cast shadows that aren’t ideal for grooming.

Add a wall sconce to either side of your bathroom mirror. If possible, incorporate natural light from windows or skylights.

Enjoy Endless Lighting Possibilities

There are many stylish lighting options to make your new home welcoming and functional. Don’t be afraid to add lighting to areas you may not have originally considered.

Planning a brand new home is exciting for individuals and families alike. Contact us today to start working with custom home builders you can trust.

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