5 Key Questions to Ask Your Custom Home Builders

Are you looking to hire custom home builders to build your dream home?

There are many advantages to building your dream home, but there are a few essential things you need to know from your builders.

Read on to learn about the five necessary questions you need to ask you custom home builders before they start construction on your new home.

1. Do They Build Airtight Homes?

An old myth that’s been roundly debunked is that a house needs to “breathe.”

The common way of home construction in the past was to not insulate too much or seal too tightly so that natural air could pass through your home.

Allowing air leaks means a loss of air control and a considerable drop in energy efficiency.

Yes, you do need a mechanical ventilation system to allow outdoor air to cycle through your home. Advancements in these systems help mitigate moisture, mold, and harmful gasses without the house “breathing” in an antiquated way.

You do not need a custom home builder who will purposely build air leaks into their custom-built homes.

2. What Is the Timeline?

You’ve secured your home construction loan. You’ve consulted with an architect to draft your custom home plans. You’re ready to go.

The question you need to ask any prospective home builder is how long they will take, and how they deal with delays.

You will need a timeline to help you decide when to put your current home on the market, and how to proceed with your moving plans.

The last thing you need is your current home to sell before your dream home is ready.

3. What Is Their Experience?

Finding the right custom home builders is similar to hiring anyone else to do a job. You need to see their work.

While you may find companies or builders willing to do the job at a cheaper price, a considerable amount of new home construction cost comes from the quality of the builder.

You don’t deserve shoddy dream home construction. Make sure to check the work of any prospective builder.

4. Are They Insured?

General liability and worker’s compensation insurance are a must for any custom home builder you may employ.

Should anything go awry during construction, or should a worker get injured while building your home, you may be held financially responsible.

Any home builder who does not carry both liability and worker’s compensation insurance should never be hired. Aside from financial considerations, a lack of insurance shows a lack of care and detail.

5. What Type of Warranty?

Custom homes are like any other homes. Things can go wrong.

Before beginning construction, you will need to know what type of warranty your home builder offers so you can be confident you’re protected once you move in.

Inquire about work defects, as well as the structural integrity of the house.

If your builder offers a solid warranty, it means they stand by the quality of their work. It also means you can sleep at night knowing you won’t lose considerable amounts of money should something go wrong.

The Best Custom Home Builders

Have your dream home built with confidence.

If you’re looking for custom home builders, make sure to ask these questions. You want to know when you pass through the threshold of your new house, you have a home built to last a lifetime.

Are you ready to start construction on your custom home? Contact us today!

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