10 Smart Home Upgrades Every New Home Needs

Advances in technology have now made it more possible to obtain the smart homes of the future. In 2022, 57.4 million households in the U.S. use smart home upgrades in their homes.

These devices can improve the overall functionality of the house. They make it easier to use common appliances and other household devices through smartphone app integration. These devices also make for terrific home upgrades.

If you are looking for ways to incorporate smart home upgrades or if you want to build a home with the latest devices, keep reading this blog post for 10 smart home upgrades for your house below.

1. Smart Home Thermostat

A smart home thermostat is the wave of the future for controlling your thermostat wirelessly. It has become one of the most popular smart home upgrades.

You can access your smart thermostat’s temperature control right from your smartphone through an app. You can even control your thermostat remotely so your house is at the optimal temperature when you get home.

A smart thermostat can also save you money on your heating and cooling bills. The Nest smart thermostat system can save you on average around 10% to 12% on heating costs per year and around 15% on your cooling bills.

2. Smart Wireless Video Doorbell

Another of the best smart home upgrades for your home is the smart wireless video doorbell. It’s a doorbell and home security system in one.

These smart doorbell units can be attached to the outside of your home easily without the use of complicated wires. They use your home’s wifi to transmit video signals from outside to your smartphone through a dedicated app.

Some models activate when the button is pushed while others have a built-in movement sensor. Even when you’re not home, you’ll get notified who was at your front door and you can answer remotely. This prevents would-be intruders or package thieves from trying to snoop around your home’s property when you are gone.

3. Smart Lighting Systems

A smart lighting system can also save you money on your electricity bill as part of smart home upgrades. Control your lights through a wireless wifi system from a smartphone app. You can set your lights to turn on at a set time or turn them on remotely to give the appearance of someone being home.

Through the use of smart light bulbs used in conjunction with the smart lighting system, you can even change the colors of the lighting in different rooms to create a certain ambiance. Dim the lights for reading or turn off lights left on downstairs without even getting out of bed, all at the push of a button or through voice command.

4. Smart Locking Deadbolt System

Forgetting or losing your house keys can be a big problem. If cars can have remote door locks, why can’t your house? Well, good news, because now smart home upgrades can come in the form of a smart locking deadbolt system for the doors in your home.

Enter your home through a special key fob or smartphone app that grants access. If you do need to grant access to a friend, family member, or home service worker, a temporary access code can be used.

Some smart locking deadbolt systems for the doors outside and inside your house can even be accessed by biometric readers like your thumbprint for added security.

5. Wireless Smart Alarm System

Protecting your home is important, but installing a full home security system can involve unsightly wires and drilling into the walls. To avoid major renovations and costly installs, there are now do-it-yourself models as smart home upgrades.

DIY security kits can be easily installed with the cameras and sensors set up where you want them the most. Motion sensors and cameras detect motion and alert you if there are any potential break-ins. You may even be able to contact the police through the app to investigate the incident.

The security systems can be armed and unarmed from your smartphone’s app.

6. Smart Water Heaters

Even water heaters can now be a part of smart home upgrades. Smart water heaters can learn the habits of the members of your family as well as how much hot water is used each month.

If you are not home, your smart water heater can turn itself off to save energy. It can also detect leaks and send you alerts so you can address the problem quickly.

A smart water heater heats the water when you need it and you can adjust the temperature through a smartphone app. Using a smart water heater can help you reduce your energy bills by as much as 30% each month.

7. Smart Laundry Chute Portal

If you are looking to build a home from scratch or are undertaking some major renovations, a smart laundry chute portal may be the way to go for smart home upgrades. A modern chute connects the second floor to the laundry area below. The opening is built into the wall and features a motion sensor cover.

When the motion sensor detects motion, it opens the chute and sucks the clothes down into the laundry area through a powerful suction system. It closes back up when not in use.

This can save you the hassle of walking down the stairs with a large laundry basket and if you have kids, it’s a fun way to ensure their dirty clothes don’t clutter up the floor.

8. Smart Oven

Modern technology means even appliances are getting more intelligent every day. With smart home upgrades like a smart oven, you can now preheat your oven from a smartphone app or Alexa-enabled device remotely while you’re on the way home from the grocery store and it will be ready to go by the time you walk in the door.

A smart oven unit can track cooking time, send notifications, and even show you a live video feed inside while the food cooks so you can monitor its progress from your phone screen and adjust the temperature or turn off the oven from another room.

9. Smart Refrigerator

If your oven can now have smart features, so can your refrigerator. Smart refrigerators offer a host of smart home upgrades. Knocking twice on the tinted glass door allows you to see inside without opening the door.

A smart refrigerator can also take leaving notes on the refrigerator up a notch by displaying digital notes and coordinated schedules for each family member.

You can look up recipes and have your refrigerator read you the directions out loud while you cook. You can display digital photos and videos. Sync grocery lists to your smartphone that can update in real-time and even set expiration dates for items in your refrigerator that send notifications to remind you to use them.

10. Smart Garage Door Opener

Not only are the smart garage door openers quieter than traditional models, they also offer connected smart home upgrades. You can set access times and monitor when the garage door is open and close it from your smartphone or Alexa-enabled device.

The MyQ smart garage door also works with Amazon’s in-garage delivery service, so your packages are delivered safely inside of your garage instead of sitting out vulnerable to porch pirates.

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