What To Look For in Floor Plans for Houses: Features and Conveniences

Approximately 1.7 million new homes begin construction each month. That’s a lot of new houses, yet they’re needed to keep up with the population.

People build new homes for many reasons, including to get a house that works for them. So, when a person hires a contractor to build them a new house, the homeowners get to choose the floor plans.

Choosing floor plans for houses is a significant step in the home-building process, as the floor plan determines the house you get.

Are you interested in building a house but need the right floor plan? If so, check out these tips to find the right blueprints for your new home.

Start With Some Basic Home Features

Building a new home provides the opportunity to design the home of your dreams. Of course, you probably have a budget to work with, so you can’t go overboard. But, you can incorporate all the essential features you want.

You can consider the features you want and choose a house through one of two methods.

First, you can look through house plans to see if you can find one that offers everything you want. Secondly, you can design a home with the assistance of an architect or home builder.

When choosing a layout, the best place to start is determining the basic home features you want to include. Here are some of the options for basic home features:

  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Eat-in kitchen
  • Patio
  • Number of levels
  • Size
  • Style

Starting with some basic home details can guide you to the right house plans, so you should start here.

Top Features to Include

Next, you might want to think about the extra features to include in your house plans. Here are some highlights that many homeowners incorporate into their blueprints:

Ample Storage Space

Many homeowners underestimate the value of storage space in their homes until they move into them. Then, when they discover they don’t have enough storage space, they might feel frustrated and have regrets.

Including ample storage space in your layout is essential, so you should ensure that your plans include enough room for your storage needs.

Built-In Shelves or Seats

Many homeowners also love built-in shelves or seats in their houses. If you’d like either of these features, talk to your contractor to learn how you can include these things.


A basement is another extra feature you might want. You can put a basement under any house, but you’ll have to choose the right location for the home, as some properties aren’t suitable for basements.

Covered Patio

If you enjoy sitting outside, you might want to add a covered patio or a four seasons room. Your builder can help you learn all the various types if you have any questions.


Do you want a fireplace in your home? Many people put these in their living rooms, but you can also include them in other rooms, such as your master bedroom.


Adding a spacious mudroom is another feature that many homeowners love. A mudroom gives you space for coats, shoes, and other items that you need to store.

Custom home builders can include these features and others. They can also give you ideas for additional features you might want in your dream house.

Number of Stories

Another vital decision to make when choosing floor plans is the number of stories you prefer. Now, if you’re building in a subdivision, you might have rules and covenants that dictate what type of home you can build.

If you want to create the best custom floor plan, you’ll need to decide how many stories you want. The layouts of two-story homes are very different from those of single-story homes.

You may want to compare the pros and cons of both options before narrowing it down, as one might be better than the other for your situation.

Kitchen Needs

The layout you choose for your home should also include your objectives for your kitchen. Most people feel that the kitchen is the most essential room in the home, as this room serves many functions.

What does your dream kitchen look like? You may want to think about this question before choosing your house plans.

You can start from scratch by designing the kitchen you want or modify a kitchen layout from an existing floor plan. In either case, you may want to evaluate the following features:

  • Style
  • Pantry
  • Island
  • Storage space
  • Eating area

Examining pictures of kitchens might help you choose the features you want. Then, you can design the kitchen you want to have in your brand-new home.

The Flow of the Layout

The next factor to consider during the design process is the layout flow. A poor layout might not flow well, which is a huge annoyance to homeowners.

On the other hand, a great flowing layout makes living in a home more enjoyable.

One feature of a home’s flow is the design concept. Many homeowners choose open concepts, as these tend to flow well. An open concept requires fewer walls to separate the rooms and makes the living space look larger.

Exterior Look

Finally, it would help if you determined the home’s exterior looks. For example, do you want a modern-looking home? Some homeowners prefer this option, but others like classic-looking houses or other types.

If you’re ready to start designing your home, you’ll need to find a good builder in Granbury, TX. They’ll walk you through the design process and build your home for you.

Choosing Floor Plans for Houses Through These Tips

Floor plans for houses control the homes you build, so you must take your time when choosing one. You may want to consider the things listed here to help you determine what layout to pick.

You may also want to talk to a home builder to learn more.

If you’re ready to discuss floor plans and home types, contact Rock Ridge Homes in Granbury, TX. We can help you choose the right floor plans for your house.

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